What can you upload/import

Upload Floorplan

  • How to Upload CAD Files
  • How to Upload Floor Plan as Image

Upload 3D models

- Models will be uploaded to My uploads.

- Upload up to 20 models at a time

- Each file should not exceed 200MB. MAX, RAR, ZIP, FBX, and SKP formats are allowed.


  • [Create] What Kind of Files Can Be Uploaded as 3D Models
  • How to Upload My Own 3D Models
  • Coohom 3DS MAX & SketchUp Model Upload Requirements

Upload Textures

- Textures will be uploaded to New Product.

- Upload up to 20 textures at a time.

- Each file should not exceed 5MB. JPG and PNG formats are allowed.

- The length and width of the image should not exceed 8,000 pixels.


  • How to Upload My Own Textures