The roaming video access

The roaming video access and pricing logic

Live date: July 9th, 2021

User type applied: all enterprise accounts

#「New function 」

Enables users to use their own project to create marketing videos quickly and easily.  

-(The video is stored for 30 days.)

-(Time limit for a video is 30 seconds)

Brief Introduction

Coohom's roaming video feature enables users to use his or her own project to create a marketing video quickly and easily. Telling a story with videos is a better way to let the audience follow the ideas, understand the design concepts and product features. 

Main usage

  1. A marketing tool to raise the brand recognition 
    Post on the social media to do marketing on the designs or products
  2. A better way to display the products
    Videos can display the products better than the static images. For example, some textures can have different visual effects from different angles of view.
  3. An excellent helper in the presentation to better illustrate the ideas.

Sample video (The transition effect is added by the client)


Currently individual accounts do not have access to this feature.