New 720 vs. Old 720 Tour

The New 720 Tour offers a better experience.

Coohom released a new version of 720 Tour which has the following Optimization updates:

1. Loading Speed:NEW 720 Tour offers a faster speed of opening and more fluent effect.

2. Lower Computer Performance Requirements: The Old 720 Tour needs higher requirements for computers which may occur a failure of loading the 720 Tour. We optimized the Old one and updated it into the NEW 720 Tour which offers better stability.

3.Room Switching Function: The NEW 720 Tour offers a much more fluent switching room experience than the Old 720 Tour. 

4. Compatibility: The NEW 720 Tour is more compatible with the browsers than the Old 720 Tour. 


New Functions of the New 720 Tour

1. The NEW 720 Tour supports the Panorama of Multi-Floors. When your project only has multiple floors, there will be a floor selection panel on the left of the NEW 720 Tour.

2. The NEW 720 Tour removes the <Location Lines> function, and updates the <AutoRotate> Function.

3. The NEW 720 Tour offers a more realistic perspective switching experience.