Search for Products

Search for Products

You can call this operation to search for the products that you want.


Request Body

Currently, this operation only supports the following scenarios. 

  1. Specifies catId, start, and num to retrieve the products in the specified category. Specifies lastModifiedStart and lastModifiedEnd to retrieve the products that have been updated in the specified time range. Specifies includeStyleItems to retrieve products in collections. Default value: false. A true value indicates that all collection products are returned.Note: Currently, each collection has a default product. A collection is in the category which the default product is in. We recommend that you set all products of the same collection in the same category to avoid ambiguity.
  2. Specifies q, start, and num to search for products based on keywords.
  3. Specifies code to  search for the products with the specified product code. Note: Multiple products are supported to use the same code. We recommend that you avoid using one code for multiple products. To fuzzy match products with product codes, use the q parameter.



subType enumerations

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