Product Replacement for Panorama


Live date: Sep 9th, 2021

User type applied: Available for enterprise users to purchase

Price: $5000/year (For purchase please contact sales)

Product Replacement is a saleable add-on that allows users to set multiple replaceable items for viewing within the Panorama/3D Tour functions. 

  • Users can instantly change products from a list of options (pre-set by the client) within the Panorama and view those changes in real-time, giving users an immediate feel for how switching products change their given setup.

Key Features:

  • Change products instantly in 3D mode
  • Replace models, textures, tiles, or wall patterns instantly
  • View these changes in the context in real-time



Preparation for product replacement:

  • Enterprise accounts need to have models and construction textures
  • Rendered Panorama must have the product from the enterprise accounts (models or construction textures) 



Added To:

  1. Panorama
  2. 720 Tour/Light Mode (with hotspots and editable room links)



Access and Notes: 

  • >> Product Replacement can select replaceable items

(The total number of products per room should remain the same)

  • >> Start Rendering (Changes take place with 1 hour - 1 day)
  • >> Replace the product in the rendered Panorama