[Photo Studio] Sharing Function

Apply for the permission of photo studio & quota usage

Live date: July 20th, 2021

User type applied: accounts under the same enterprise.

  • Original scenario —— Among the accounts under the enterprise, if account A adds a studio shot product to his photo studio section, account B cannot shoot the photos/video for this product.

#「New function 1」
The accounts who have the permission of photo studio can share their photo studio products with each other for the shooting.




  • Original scenario —— The quota will be only assigned to the admin account after purchase. There is no photo studio permission and photo studio quota for sub-accounts.

#「New function 2」

Photo Studio Permission and Quota could apply for accounts.
If the client wants his sub-account to have the ability to shoot photos/videos in a photo studio module. The client or the corresponding CSC needs to apply the photo studio permission and the quota needed for the designated accounts.

Details as below: 


The personnel to process the application (1 working day):
CSC team (CSC@coohom.com),

Ameng (ameng@coohom.com), 
Carol (carol@coohom.com).