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Parametric Modeling Related Articles

1.  Getting Started -Introduction of Parametric Modeling

How To Enter The Parametric Editor  

【 Parametric Editor】Software settings and requirements

Library category structure and management

Fundamental Principles of Parametric Modeling

Explanation and usage of parameterized variables

Introduction to the usage of the model rectangle frame

Introduction to model property bar and structure navigation

2. Getting Started-Basic Modeling

Flat Base Plate Modeling

Side Panel Modeling

Back Panel Modeling

3. Upload parameterized material

3D model upload category introduction

3D model upload production requirements

Material map upload and seamless processing

Crown Molding Upload

Upload of stakeout profile

Tap upload

Sink upload

Stove upload

Handle Upload

Decorative Display upload

Table Outline Upload

Introduction of outline upload category

Requirements for uploading and making contour lines

Introduction to the use of partition