New Version Of Gallery Release!

The new Gallery is releasing to all users.

[How to enter the New Gallery]

You can enter the new Gallery from the Previous one at the Right top corner.

[The difference between Previous Gallery and New Gallery]

1. Top bar comparison
The new version of the atlas supports switching between [Task List] and [Big Picture Mode], and the operating experience is upgraded.
The old version of the Gallery can only be previewed by clicking the picture.

2. Comparison of the left panel
The new version of the Gallery unifies all the filtering operations to the left column, and the functions of searching for different types are clear at a glance, which is convenient for users to quickly filter and locate, and the operation experience is more convenient.
The different function types of the old version of the gallery are displayed in a collapsed state, which is relatively hidden, and the areas are scattered and easy to find.

3.Task List

You can see the name, the time you rendered it clearly, and easier to edit.

4. Big image mode-automatic playback of panorama

The panorama is automatically played in the big picture mode without jumping out to ensure a coherent screening operation.


5. Big Picture Mode-Toolbar

Unified editing operations
Common operations for downloading and deleting are moved to the lower-left corner of the rendering for easy operation.

5. Big Picture Mode-Picture Information

Contains basic information, rendering settings, and the details of the later renderings parameters, which is convenient for optimization and adjustment based on this.
After closing the picture information pop-up window, move the mouse to any position of the big picture in the middle to see the floating toolbar, and click [Picture Information] to call up the picture information pop-up window again.

[Introduction to the new Gallery practical functions]

1. Rename
Naming rules:
Those with room information are named "Guest Restaurant 1", "Guest Restaurant 2"......
The first generation without room information is named: "Unnamed"
File name when downloading: project name-effect picture name
The maximum number of words in the name is 30.


2. Selected Featured
It supports a one-click selection of [Selected], and all selected files can be viewed in the [Selected] category.
In the "Featured" "Cancel Featured", the item will be removed from the Featured in real-time


3. Search for renderings
You can enter the name of the renderings and press Enter to confirm for a quick search