New Features Collection - July

Key Features Overview 

[Photo & Video Studio] Sharing Function


[3D VIEWER] Optimizations_ deletion and privacy

Features Details


Photo Studio Sharing Function(enterprise account)

1. Apply for the permission of photo studio

2. Apply for the permission of quota usage

Learn Section in


New websites online:

1. [] - for individual users
It mainly shows our powerful Floorplanning design and rendering abilities, as well as excellent models and UGC projects.

2. [] - for Business users
It mainly shows varieties of product functions, with realistic customer success cases. (basically the same content of our previous website) 


The roaming video access(enterprise account)

Enables users to use their own projects to create marketing videos quickly and easily.  

-(Time limit for a video is 30 seconds)

-(The video is stored for 30 days.)



3D Viewer Optimizations: deletion and privacy

(enterprise account)

1. Add a delete operation to the generated 3D viewers so that the quota will come back to the user’s account when the unwanted 3D viewer is deleted.  

2. The 3D viewer created in the modelling system will not automatically be synchronized to the Coohom platform.