How to Upload CAD Files

How to Upload CAD Files

Import CAD File

To upload your CAD files, select Import CAD in the left panel of our 3D floor planner.


1. If there are multiple floor plans in the CAD file, only one can be chosen.

2. The CAD file can not be recognized with more than 10-floor plans in it.

CAD Upload Errors:

Below, we will walk you through several specific problems.

Unofficial software detected / File too small

To solve this problem, please:

  • Only AutoCAD files can be uploaded to Coohom. Please do not use other software.
  • Zoom in your floor plan by 10 times in AutoCAD and export.

File too large

The max .dwg and .dxf files are respectively 5MB and 10MB. If your file exceeds the upper limit, please:

  • Option 1
  1. Paste your floor plan to a new AutoCAD file.
  2. Frame selects the entire floor plan. Right-click and select ClipboardCopy.
  3. Copy this project to a new CAD file.

   In general, this method can greatly reduce the file size.

  • Option 2

   Remove all furniture in your floor plan and only upload the room layout to Coohom.

Unable to detect walls

This error may be caused by the location lines in your floor plan. Your original CAD file may like this:

Remove those location lines and upload them again.

Error 99 / Unable to upload

Basically, many possibilities will result in this failure, please find your own solution.

You can try the following six methods:

  • Coohom only supports the default wall mode of AutoCAD (two parallels) currently.
  • The wall thickness Coohom supports is within 50 ~ 400mm.
  • Make sure that all rooms are enclosed in your floor plan. The situation in the figure below will make the CAD file fail to upload.
  • Check if the drawing of the window is correct. The following two figures are both correct.

       And make sure that the window is totally embedded into the walls.

  • Check if the drawing of the single door or sliding door is correct.

       Single Door:

       Sliding Door:

  • The value of the line coordinate is too large, just like 16340505101.355. This situation will lead to some calculated mistakes.

       To solve this problem, please frame select the floor plan and copy (Ctrl+C) it to a new CAD file in order to decrease the values.

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