How to shoot the texture?

If it’s impossible to get a HD scanning of the texture, you can take photos of the material you want to show and process them.

1. Photography Equipment

The best professional photography equipment you need are DSLR Cameras.

Mobile phones are not recommended because the quality of pictures taken by mobile phones is not good enough; also the filters in mobile phones camera will cause color difference, which makes it difficult to apply in the adjustment.

Here is an example of the raw photo taken by a DSLR camera, and the same photo after processed.

                                DSLR Original                                                    DSLR Processed

                    Mobile Phone Original                                       Mobile Phone Processed


2. Photography Studios

We recommend professional studios because they have better light control.

If it’s impossible to find a studio near you, you can look for any open site in the shade. Use the proper mode (e.g. Auto), with flash turned off, and no artificial lighting. Make sure that the material is evenly illuminated, avoid highlight or shadow, otherwise it will be very difficult to process afterwards.

(Don’t forget to check your image quality settings in order to get the best images)

Vertical shooting: shoot the object vertically with the camera lens, the distance should be moderate, include all the objects and every detail is sharp, take in a large field of view, don’t worry about surroundings, those can be removed during the process later.

There are two main factors you should pay attention to during shooting.

  • Vertical shooting (it's hard to get the right texture when the material is flat and tilted)

                                          Not vertical images cannot be accepted

  • Uniform light distribution (It’s very difficult to deal with the wrong lighting)

                                Fail                                               Fail                                  Correct


                                                                    Correct Sample

3. Processing the photos

After the processing is completed, you can upload it and see the rendering.