How to Set Sample Projects

How to Set Sample Projects
  1. All of the enterprise users, admin, manager, and designer can submit a sample project. But only the admin and manager can manage it.

    2. There are two ways to submit a sample project:

         Project details page & My project list.

It’s important to check if the project contains normal and top view renderings before submit. When submitting a sample project, each room of the whole house needs to be named.

    3. Then edit the project name and description. Set the project cover and top view.

After this, log in to an admin or manager account and go to the Sample Project Manager.

    4. Approve and release the project. (The only admin&manager can do this.)

    5. Go back to the DIY tool. We can use this sample project under the enterprise library. When using the sample project, each room in it needs to be named.

    6. If there is only one single room in your project, don’t forget to choose the room type.

If it’s a whole room project, but the sample project you choose is a single room.

Sometimes there will be informed:


At this time, choose one single room in Floor Plan Navigator in the upper right corner. Bedroom for example

Then the sample project can be applied successfully.

This is an amazing sample project.

It can help to design more quickly and easily.

Hope you will find more fun features.

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