How to Create 3D Viewer

How to Create 3D Viewer

The 3D viewer is a new way of displaying furniture, you can view the furniture in 360 degrees, and see the dimensions. Even you can swap textures of the furniture in a 3D viewer.
e.g. 3D Viewer Link

First, you need to prepare a high-quality model and archive the model files.

Then, log in with your enterprise account. Go to Enterprise Library and click Upload Models.

Drag and drop the archive file to upload the model (Read More: How to Upload 3D Models).

Select a model category and a position to place for the model.

Click Submit Model, click Check Models in the dialog box that appears and then click the corresponding thumbnail in the library. In this example, let’s click the sofa.

Click Create 3D Viewer in the upper right corner of the model image to display the model in 3D Viewer.

For switching between the textures of the model, perform the following steps to add textures first.

Click the Component Texture tab. Click Click here and the Edit Texture page appears. Select a component of the sofa, click New Component, and enter a name for the component. Click Upload to upload textures for the component. Save.

Creation takes one to three hours.

Go to 3D Viewer, you can see the realistic sofa model. You can switch between the textures in real time, rotate the model, view the dimensional information, and view the texture detail.

These are the steps to view a model in the 3D Viewer.

Iframe Installation for Coohom 3D viewer

Step 1: Build out a standard Iframe with the required specification in elements and size to meet your needs

Example ( <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)


Step 2: Sign into your Coohom account and go the desired model. Click the 3D viewer link at the top of the models picture.  You will either have to generate the 3D model or you can click on the Icon shown below if you already have generated one


Step 3:  Embed the URL of the 3D model viewer into the iframes code in the (src=” ”) section

Example ( <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)

Step 4: Place Iframe code in desired area in your HTML code and you will now have the 3D viewer on your site.