How to Authorize Models to Other Enterprise Users?

How to Authorize Models to Other Enterprise Users?

Authorization is used for enterprise users to authorize parts of models/finishes to users from another enterprise.

How to Create New Self-created Package?

- Select one or multiple products in 3D Model Library.

- Click Add to Authorization Package to add product(s).

- Choose New Package.
All the authorized pachages are listed in Authorization.

Select one package, you can edit the name and the cover of the package. Also, you can view all the products listed in the Product List.

Add more product or delete product is allowed here.

After confirmation, press Authorize Package. Enter the admin accounts of other enterprise users. You can only authorize models to admin account, but all the users in the same enterprise can use these models.

In Authorization > Authorized, there listed all the package authorized from other enterprise. You can view the details when you select one package. But you cannot edit these ahuthorized packages.

If the models is authorized from other users, it will be listed in your enterprise library with a blue icon in the lower right corner.

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