General Modeling Standards-Annex

*Annex 1

Material Types Coohom Do Not Support

  1. Multi/Sub material

When modeling, please attach all the parts with the same material together and attach the same mapping. To clear the Multi/ sub material in 3d max please check:

1.Vray- Hair & Vray Fur

Models with hair or Fur material should be converted to polygons.

2.Plugin Material

Coohom does not support non-Vray plugin material types. 

3.Displacement Mod & Displace material

4.Color correction and Gradient

These material types will cause rendering issues.

*F. Composite material

Compared to Composite material, Coohom suggests modeler use Blend Material instead. We can support both of them, but models with blend material have better render effect in Kool viewer and photo studio.

*Annex 2

How to Modify and Archive the File

After finishing the model, there are some steps that need to be done before uploading:

  1. Clear all the lights, cameras, empty coordinates, and other objects not related to the model in the file.
  2. Unhide all the objects in the file and delete the useless object and helpers. Make sure there are no overlapping planes in the model.
  3. Adjust the model to face forward when viewed from the front view.
  4. Make sure to Reset Xform for each part of the model and clear the modeling record.
  5. Select all models in the file for group operations. Make sure to adjust the pivot and center to the group object.


  1. Then coordinate model values return zero.

2..Click SHIFT+T to check the material mapping status, you need to reload the source if the mappings are lost.
3.Select your model and right-click to Convert to Editable Mesh. Then, archive your file.

4.Make sure both the max model file and the archived file are less than 200 MB, or you will need to adjust the mapping file or compress the model. Upload the model after finishing these steps.