Coohom for Desktop Release Notes

Coohom for Desktop Release Notes


3D Viewer Product Configurator

Clients can assemble the product in advance, place the model freely in a suitable position, and then view assembly results through the 3D viewer.

  • Assemble the product
    -Single model replacement within a group model

    -Replace individual elements of products 

  • Place the model freely

Access: 3D Viewer Sets >> New 3D viewer set >> Add similar item >> Import 

Kitchen and Bath set


Imperial Unit (Construction Drawing)

Light and lens customization options for the models and environment. Material editing has been enabled for models within the 3D viewer.

How to Access Imperial Units

Step 1: Projects >> My Projects >> Enter Tool

Step 2: Sheets




3D Viewer Effect Editor

The 3D Viewer Effect Editor can fine-tune 3D models by adjusting the lighting, lens effects, and material color to further customize the product in context.

To Access:

Enterprise Catalog >> Product >> 3D Viewer >> 3D Viewer Editor

Core Feature Update:

Light and lens customization options for the models and environment. Material editing has been enabled for models within the 3D viewer.



Product Replacement for Panorama (Add-on)

User type applied: Available for enterprise users to purchase

Price: $5000/year (For purchase please contact sales)

  • Product Replacement is a saleable add-on that allows users to set multiple replaceable items for viewing within the Panorama/3D Tour functions.
  • Users can instantly change products from a list of options (pre-set by the client) within the Panorama and view those changes in real-time, giving users an immediate feel for how switching products change their given setup.


Panorama Editor

User type applied:  This function is currently for users who bought Product Replacement, will be available to all users soon.

To Acess:  Projects >> View Projects >> 720 Tour

New Features:

  • Conceal: "Product List" can hide or open the product hotspot. The product itself remains displayed.
  • Panorama Adjustment: Palette lighting, lens adjustment, switch settings.



Implement correct conversion of custom tools in metric to ft units

[Value] for Enterprise account (which bought parameterized editor)

  • Now, the customization tool has been added to the British unit configuration, the unit can be switched in the setting to realize the conversion of length.

Notice: All parameter values are converted according to the length.

In order to guarantee the accuracy of parameter value conversion of area and quantity type. You can perform the following operations



Panorama Loading Page

Before: The loading background of the panorama is the default display Coohom

  • Now: Enterprise accounts can customize the loading background of the panorama.
    -The admin and manager of all enterprise accounts have the right to set the panoramic loading page, it will be applied to all sub-accounts including API-c accounts.

[Value] Able to reveal brand information in various places, expand brand awareness, and better attract customers for the company

[Device] Allowed to upload the fixed-size image on desktop and mobile separately.

[Entrance]   setting >>  panorama settings  >> loading background



Panorama Rename and Sync

On the contrary, the new name of the panoramas will be updated immediately to all related modules now.

 [Entrance] Project >> Enter Tool >> Gallery

  • Projects’ renderings
  • Generate/Regenerate Light 720 Tour
  • View light 720 tour



New Role of "designer manager" (Enterprise account)

Rights: designer rights, and extra rights to view and edit team projects.

The role of designer manager helps clients manage their design projects easier and professionally.  



Set up the folder (Enterprise user with Kitchen & Bath or Custom Furniture modules)

A new way to move and copy the components for custom products.


Merchant Platform >> Enterprise Library >> Custom Products >> Kitchen & Bath / Custom Furniture

image2021-8-13_16-44-54How to use 


Category Classification Function of "My Projects" (enterprise account)

Usage Process How To Categorize My Projects

  • [Value] - It helps users manage their projects by sorting and classifying project data through folders.
  • [Module entrypoint] "Project" Category >> "My projects" >> "New Category"


  • Before Classification:

"All projects" >> "Not Classified"
(All user projects will be in this folder by default)

  • After Classification:

"All projects" >> Classified folders
(Unclassified projects will be listed in "Not Classified")


Photo Studio Sharing Function(enterprise account)

1. Apply for the permission of photo studio

2. Apply for the permission of quota usage

Learn Section in




New websites online:

1. [] - for individual users
It mainly shows our powerful Floorplanning design and rendering abilities, as well as excellent models and UGC projects.

2. [] - for Business users
It mainly shows varieties of product functions, with realistic customer success cases. (basically the same content of our previous website) 


The roaming video access(enterprise account)

Enables users to use their own projects to create marketing videos quickly and easily.  

-(Time limit for a video is 30 seconds)

-(The video is stored for 30 days.)

Sample Roaming Video


3D Viewer Optimizations: deletion and privacy

(enterprise account)

1. Add a delete operation to the generated 3D viewers so that the quota will come back to the user’s account when the unwanted 3D viewer is deleted.  

2. The 3D viewer created in the modelling system will not automatically be synchronized to the Coohom platform.



Individual users (B2C) on the white list (~1700 users).

"Kitchen&Bath“ “Custom Furniture” Capabilities to Individual Accounts

  • Currently, they are Free for individual accounts.
  • We are currently in beta testing and are only open to some users. If you would like to try it out, send an email to and we will open it for you.


Add Coohom promotion pop-out

(Users in Basic plan. except for API C users)


image (1)image (2)

2. "Upgrade plan" on Saas:

3. "Upgrade" in Render :


image (3)


We are very happy to announce that the Coohom Forum (Beta) is now live!

- for all users 

The Coohom Forum(Beta) is the place for Coohomers to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas:  

(Please wait while we evaluate engagement and events we want to do, will keep you posted!)



Add the following features:

1.Easier to adjust the angle of the lightning.

2.Adjust the sunlight center spot right now.

c. Can adjust the softness of the sunshine to make the rendering quality better and more realistic.


New Products released on Coohom Website.

1.pngAdded "Learn" channel to Top Navigation Bar


Added entry to "Learn" channel on SaaS 


Changed plan upgrade path on the Pricing page



Replaced main photo on homepage with a short introduction video 


New function in Rendering -light Customization


Add the following features:

Learn Section in



Add the following features:

Enterprise user :

a. Render images can show watermarks

    b.The page icon and title of the custom domain name are displayed correctly when the share page is not logged in.

    c.Upload the Texture, Texture Category can check when the user chose the 3D model category.

    d. The user upgrade information will be updated.

    e. After rendering beautification, SaaS background synchronization in time

    f.  /API/web/pano/plan/show interface returns the panorama ownerName, which is the user name of Coohom.

    g. Fixed search issues.

    h. White Label configuration feature upgrade.


a. New function in Render-Clipping


a. New Look of Tool Interface 

-In the Help button, there is only the Shortcuts option. Settings option moved to Avatar Button.


  a.New feature: Paving

Related Document and Video-How to upload Paving

Coohom Tutorial: How to Use Paving Feature | Interior Design
  b.New Function: Zoom Selection. (Zooms the view to show selected objects.)


  a.add two more Ambient lights settings: Indoor Daytime and Indoor night.


    a.Add Video format 1080p

    b.New 4:3 and 1:1 video ratio options for studio video

    c. Studio shot video supports users' active save function

    d. Optimize the function of viewing studio shooting permissions
    e. COOHOM version of virtual studio shooting supports paving products and combined product shooting



Add the following features:

   a.The default View in Rendering. 3D and 2D


Add the following features:

   a.Add price field to model bulk editing


Add the following features:

    a. add the "Non-rectangle" option for Doors and window models

    b. Projects & Account Ranking section added in Data Analytics.


Bug fixes:

    a. Clicking the buy button on the mobile phone will not redirect the link

    b.Click the product in the product list on the mobile, the product details will not pop up


Add the following features:

    a. Coohom Website Detail Optimization 

Bug fixes:

    a.When editing learn more on the product detail page, set the product as a private model


Add the following features:

    a. Model details add 'Learn more' information.

    b. Add learn more function in the product hotspot.

Bug fixes:

    a. Etribe account is regenerated 720tour, there is no anchor on the product

    b. Smart 720tour enters VR mode, the screen will not rotate automatically

    c. Projects template name does not support multiple languages


Bug fixes:

    a. The problem that the panorama cannot be opened without the watermark has been fixed

    b.Hide recent searches on the tool page


Add the following features:

a. admin/manager can see C-type customer account information on the account management page

b. Optimize the SaaS icon

c. Customer can download package function in light 720 tour

(The package includes the Panorama images.)


Add the following features:

Apply to the same models ( Doors and Windows)

By clicking on the Apply to same models button, you can set the doors to the same height and Height above the Floor.



Add the following features:

    a. Add the validity period and password options for shared links

    b.720 tour can choose to generate light 720 tour or smart 720 tour

    c.The fake-login function needs to add the name of the real operator and change the time from 7 days to 3 days

    d.Update account_id and root_account_id acquisition method

    e.Update the bucket of material upload


Bug fixes:

    a. For enterprise accounts that have not set a watermark, the watermark displayed when the smart 720 tour is loaded into the page is incorrect

    b.Check the watermark for the etribe sub-account, and the watermark of the main account will be displayed in smart 720 tour

    c.In the settings, check not to display anchor points, and the smart roaming map will still be displayed



  • a. In the Korean environment, the business name is Chinese in the panorama.

    b.The mobile terminal VR operation guide and settings are Chinese in the panorama.





  • The admin/manager of an enterprise is available to create more than 50 sub-accounts/day.







  • Merge Finish library and Texture library in Personal Library.



  • Furniture Sets are allowed to create 3D Viewer.



  • Suspend function released for enterprise account.


  • Finishes in the personal library of Enterprise account are not shown in Material Editor was fixed.
  • The Upgrade display error on the designer page was fixed.



  • Model uploads support 150M.



  • Merge the Finish library and Texture library.
  • Add "Product" option to the edit of product details, helps enterprise users to distinguish true products from models with Hotspots.



  • The product hotspot supports the personal library in the panorama.


  • Fixed a problem with Error prompted by popover while deleting texture.



  • 3D Viewer supports quantity display and collection.
  • Models' information in Personal Library can be edited.


  • Furniture Sets are hidden by default.



  • Senior Designer was renamed as Head Designer.



  • Add Elevation in Floor Planner



  • Add Christmas theme


  • Public library filter items adapt to multiple languages



  • The height of the holiday banner can be configured.



  • Searching floor plans is supported.


  • Newly created sub-accounts have render tickets.
  • Category lists used to upload edit models are different.
  • Users have to save before exiting.



  • In the Chinese environment, the public library is empty.
  • When the enterprise library classification reaches the maximum range displayed on the page, the more drop-down buttons of the last few categories will be masked.



  • Add the designer's page.
  • Show furniture combinations in the Tool by default.


  • Fixed the problem that an error page is returned when users exit Tool without drawing a floor plan.
  • Fixed the problem that an error page is returned when users exit Tool while logging in on other devices.
  • Fixed the problem that models with particular naming styles cannot be download.



Add the following features: multiple languages for saas and tool.

b.New hosting page.

c.Model download in the product detail.






  • Add a new backend interface for Kujiale (Chinese version of Coohom) users migrating to Coohom.


  • Models without brands cannot be saved after editing.



  • For enterprise users, add new function Model Collection under Enterprise Library in the merchant platform. In the backend, enterprise users can choose multiple models ( only support the same chair, table, etc in different colors, materials, and dimensions. ) and add them in one group. Then, in the floor planner, users can find the collection in the enterprise library and drag models into the project.
  • Display custom enterprise logo on the browser tab. Admin and manager can upload company logo under SettingsCustomization.
  • The name length of category in the merchant platform is adjusted to 50 characters.


  • Fixed the problem that the enterprise logo was Coohom on some enterprise users' merchant platform log-in page.
  • Fixed the problem that user cannot delete renderings under one project that was copied from another user.
  • Fixed the problem that user cannot upload finishes after the number of uploaded models exceeds 200.



  • Add building materials like tile, paint, etc into the bill of material. Download BOM in the project detailed info page.
  • Add email verification process during sign up.
  • Add create time and room name for panoramas in the 720 tour generating page.


  • Modified the interface parameters for model uploading.
  • Fixed the problem that the page layout will be out of shape when facing slow network speed.
  • Fixed the problem of long white-screen time on the homepage.



  • New UI for Personal Library (My Uploads section). 
  • Account Settings optimization. Support individual user upgrading plan in Subscription under Account Settings in the merchant platform. Users can also check remaining quotas in this page. Enterprise user can contact us directly to manage your plan.
  • Logic optimization for the left panel in the merchant platform.



  • Support the custom model image. Change the cover of your model in its detailed info page.


  • Project owner cannot delete the renderings produced by the accounts he/she shared with.
  • Fixed the problem appeared when individual users copied the shared project to their own project section from the enterprise user.



  • Add Inspiration (model topics) in the Model Library to help you pick stunning products.



  • The value-added services like Photo Studio, Authorizations and 3D Model Viewer will show up in the product list of Merchant Platform, while the entries are disabled to unlicensed users.
  • Sharing permission for individual users has been changed. 
  • Add a new sharing permission among different account systems. Like the enterprise account can share projects with individual users now.



  • Limit the number of models, finishes and textures that can be uploaded for Free, Pro and Premium users.


  • Fixed the error 500 while user leaving Photo Studio and jumping to 3D Models page.
  • Fixed the problem that 3D floor planner will not show the newly-added light models after user adding a light in Ceiling Editor under 3D mode.



  • Add new feature 3D Model Viewer for enterprise users.
  • Update the website URL link of 3D Models page in the merchant platform.
  • Brand new Version History section.
  • The watermark feature is off by default for pro, premium and enterprise users.
  • The model recommendation feature in 3D floor planner is hidden for optimization.


  • Fixed the wrong upload date and status of the models and finishes under My Uploads.



  • Merge watermark settings for front view, panorama, top view and 720 tour.
  • New UI version of panorama.
  • Functional optimization for Authorizations on Merchant Platform.


  • Fixed the problem that the logo in Coohom 3D floor planner is not synchronized with the enterprise logo update under Customizations.



  • Optimize the functionality for uploading models or finishes for My Uploads.
  • Brand new UI version of Brand Management.
  • Can download panorama package under Team Projects.


  • Fixed the problem that the amount of models which can be uploaded for Pro users is limited.



  • Recommendations feature is launched. Similar models will be recommended when customers using Coohom model library. 
  • Tag your finishes in our finish library.


  • Fixed the problem that the team projects list may be empty when there were bunch of sub-aacounts under an enterprise account.
  • Fixed the problem that error messages from Stripe were not handled correctly during the checkout process. Payment failed message appears now. 
  • Fixed the problem that the support page cannot be opened.
  • Fixed the problem that an error popped up when a new enterprise account logged in.



  • Brand new Coohom homepage. Video library is launched.


  • Fixed the problem that the floor plan didn't change when a new cad or image file was imported to replace the old one.



  • Add Tag Manager feature for enterprise-level users to manage 3D model and finish libraries.
  • User can preview the room layout, renderings and 720 tours of the project before sharing.
  • Updated model library search experience.
  • Support managing covers for second and third level categories in the merchant platform and sync to the enterprise library in the DIY tool.
  • User can set the front view or top view rendering as project cover.
  • Member can check payment details after purchasing coupons.
  • Support displaying the product info of the enterprise-level model.


  • Fixed the problem that the floor plan didn't change when a new cad or image file was imported to replace the old one.
  • Fixed the payment successful message when basic users upgraded their plans to premium in inner purchase.
  • Fixed the problem that premium users cannot remove Coohom logo after toggling off watermark under 720 Tour Settings.
  • Fixed the category problem of the model library.



  • Sync the enterprise name when creating a new official trial account.


  • Fixed the problem that users got no error warnings and cannot delete the model when it was too large.
  • Fixed the problem that the floor planner cannot precisely display the product dimensions and unit of measurement.
  • Fixed the incorrect authorization time showed in the authorization management list.
  • Removed the pop-up window when users reached the personal uploads limit. The toast will appear directly in the current page now.



  • Add Product Usages module under Data Analytics.


  • Fixed the problem that JPEG format was not supported for avatar uploading.
  • Fixed 500 errors when free users upgraded their plans.

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