1.3.4 Upload of light line outline

Definition: The outline of the light line is the basic line that constitutes any kind of light line shape

1. Enter whole house furniture customization-upload materials

2. Choose the Line Outline Upload.

3. Click to add a file, select the corresponding contour, or drag the contour directly into it

4. Modify the name, line type selection-cabinet light line

5. Adjust the contour height to an integer, select the saved category, leave the extension parameter blank, click-complete upload

6. Edit the information page and edit the attributes to modify the preview of the contour line and modify the contour height & extension parameters again

7. Click to modify the preview image, select the prepared preview image and click save;

(Ps: Modifying the preview image is for more intuitive identification of contour information, you don’t need to change it)

9. View the uploaded profile under the corresponding category

10. Light line contour application

In the front-end tool cabinet customization/cabinet body mode, click Generate-light line, select the corresponding generation method, cabinet body, light line shape and parameter settings-confirm