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[Create] Steps to Upload Custom Materials


① Get a photo of materials

take a picture or scan ( a scanner is needed)

How to take a picture?

what you need: good lighting and a professional SLR camera.

Advantages: it clearly shows the texture, and the map will be bigger.

Difficulties: you have to be good at taking pictures, careful of light and details. Make the center shaper and blur the edge. You also need to retouch the photo after you shoot it.

Shooting Sample Requirements

  • The board size is above 600MM*600MM, with complete texture.

  •  There is no blemish or dirt on the board.

  • The sample texture is beautiful and can represent the texture of the product.

Lighting Requirements

  • Three soft light boxes with three lights at right angles to brighten the product in three directions.

  • The camera is fixed with a tripod and taken at 90 degrees.

  • The surrounding objects can also be photographed for post-processing.


Common Problems

  • Texture direction is skewed

  • Highlight effect

  • Wrong angle (should be from above)


② Process the photo

Plug-in processing: convenient and fast, suitable for simple and regular pattern texture, but it damages photo quality.

Photoshop processing: more complicated but keeps photo quality.

① What is the resolution of the picture? ----no more than 5000*5000 pixels

② How big is the file? ----The texture file should not exceed 5M

③ How big is the channel picture? ---- same as above


Original photo:

Photos after processing:

Upload the photo in Custom Furniture

1. Go to Merchant Platform → Enterprise Catalog → Custom Products →  Custom Furniture → Create → Materials


2. Edit Material Category → Upload diffuse map → Preview → Edit Material Information



1. the file should not exceed 5M.

2. higher resolution is better but should not exceed 5,000 pixels.

3. the color mode is RGB.

4. supported file formats: *.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.bmp,*.jp2,*.jpe,*.dib,*.tiff,*.tif.