1.3.3 Material map upload and seamless processing

Material settings upload

Definition: understand how to obtain texture maps, how to process texture maps, whole house material tips, whole house custom material upload operation, whole house custom mixed material upload operation, and material application.


① Get texture map

② Material mapping processing

③ Customized material tips for the whole house

④ Upload customized materials for the whole house

⑤ Upload customized combination materials for the whole house

⑥ Application of customized materials throughout the house


1. How to get the texture map

1-1, shooting
In an environment with well-balanced light, a professional SLR camera was used to take pictures of the wood samples.

Advantages: The texture has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and can shoot large layouts with obvious texture details

Disadvantages: high technical requirements, high light requirements, high sharpness in the center of the picture, and blurred edges. Difficult post-processing

Shooting-sample requirements

• The board size is above 600MM*600MM, with complete texture.

• There is no blemish or dirt on the board.

• The sample texture is beautiful and can represent the texture of the product.

Shooting-lighting arrangement

(1) Three soft light boxes with three lights at right angles to light the product in three directions.

(2) The camera is fixed with a tripod and taken at 90 degrees.

(3) The surrounding objects can also be photographed together for post-cutting processing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Texture direction is skewed

Highlight effect

The picture has perspective (not flat)


1-2, scan

Need to have the support of scanning equipment.

2. Processing of texture maps

Plug-in processing: convenient and fast, suitable for simple and regular pattern texture, but the texture loss is large

PS processing: The operation is more complicated, but the material reduction degree is high, and the texture loss is small

① What is the resolution of the texture? ----The texture resolution is not more than 5000*5000 pixels

② How big is the sticker file? ----The texture file does not exceed 5M

③ How big is the channel picture? ----The channel picture is the same as above


Original photo:

Photos after processing: