1.3.2 3D model upload production requirements

3D model upload production requirements

Definition: The production of the whole house parametric model requires some auxiliary support of 3D models, such as: carving, sculpture modeling, so 3D model upload is required.

1. 3D model basic requirements

1). The model accepts 3Dmax models, SketchUp models (more for 3D)

2). Both files must be less than 100M

2. Taking 3Dmax as an example, the requirements are as follows

1). The number of polygons of the model should not exceed 800,000 polygons (click '7' to view after all converted to editable meshes);

2). The size of the model should be (mm) mm; (the setting path is: custom menu-unit setting)

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3). The size of the model in the scene should not exceed 10 meters.

4). The texture format supports jpg.png.tif, the color mode must be RGB, and the pixel size of the texture file cannot exceed 5000. Identify UVW map (recommended)

3. Document requirements

1) After 3Dmax has finished making the model, it is necessary to move the model to the original world coordinates (0,0,0) of the scene with the whole as the center

2). The front of the model is placed on the XZ plane (the upper right corner ‘front’ faces yourself)

3). Any handle needs to be placed horizontally or horizontally, the system defaults to horizontally

4). After confirming that it is correct, file → archive and upload it as a compressed package