1.3.16 Introduction to the use of partition

1. Definition of cutting tool、

The 3D model cutting tool is a tool that divides the model into smaller modules so that the original model can be converted into a parametric model in the process of parametric modeling. Can only cut 3D uploaded models

2. How to use cutting tools

2.1. Enter the merchandise management of the merchant backstage → wardrobe/cabinet tools → upload material

2.2. Choose 3D model cutting

2.3  Select the model to be cut-OK

2.4. Enter cutting, select the appropriate view direction on the right, add the cutting surface on the left, and select the coloring mode and wireframe mode at the bottom right corner (the color of the imported model material is fixed by the system, and there is no need to worry about the model material change)

2.5. Add a cutting surface and move the cutting surface to a suitable position. The cutting surface is generated perpendicular to the direction axis. For example, selecting the X-axis means that the cutting surface is generated perpendicular to the X-axis. (Up to 9 cutting surfaces can be added)

2.6. Set the position of the cutting surface. You can enter positive and negative values for the position. A positive number means the cutting surface moves in the positive direction of the quadrant, and a negative number means the cutting surface moves in the negative direction of the quadrant.

2.7. Take cutting door panels as an example

2.8. After adding the cutting surface, click "Save" in the upper right corner, and select the directory to save the cutting model

2.9. Enter the merchant backstage-whole house customization/cabinet customization, find the saved catalog file library, wait for the rendering to be replaced and then use